The Founding Firebirds Wall contains beautiful metal name plates that are prominently attached to the outer wall of the Field House along the main walkway. Thousands of fans will file past this wall to attend football games other major events during the school year.

Due to the high quality and prominent nature of these name plates, our Founding Firebirds Wall program represents our “gold standard” of our three products in establishing your legacy associated within the Sports Complex.

These plates are engraved and arranged prominently by sponsorship level in major donation increments.

Founding Firebirds Wall Sponsorship Levels

Booster’s Club Plaque:

5 x 8.25 inch plate

Price: $1,000

Firebird’s Club Plaque:

6 x 12.5 inch plate

Price: $2,000

Founding Firebird’s Club Plaque:

8 x 25 inch plate

Price: $25,000

(only three plaques remain at this level)


Due to a finite number of name plates, sponsorships are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. There are a total of 48 Booster’s Club plaques, 36 Firebird’s Club Plaques, and 12 Founding Firebirds sponsorships available!

The name plates are made of zinc and the verbiage will be etched and painted black with the donor’s name and/or other customized information, such as Company names for corporate recognition. All engraved text will be screened and is subject to approval. The individual plates are then attached to prominent aluminum panels, which are lighted and arranged by Sponsorship Level.

Please note Terms and Conditions of Sale at the bottom of this web page.

Due to the significant donation opportunities in this program, specific details will be made available to donors on an individual basis. Click on the link below to provide your information, and then you will be contacted by a representative from the Chaparral Football Foundation Board to discuss your payment and engraving information. For any questions about Firebird Founders Wall sponsorships, please contact us directly at


IMPORTANT – Terms & Conditions of Sale:

Due to potential changes to design specifications and financial information associated with the features of the products, please note that the size and engraving standards of the Firebird Founders Wall Name Plates are subject to change without notice.

Based on the Chaparral Firebird Football Foundation’s discretion, and relative to fundraising progress and goals, prices for all products are subject to change without notice. However, once a product is paid for, the transaction amount will be final.

Issues associated with the ordering, creation, and delivery of this legacy sponsorship product will impact the timing of installation. One should anticipate the possibility of significant delays, of up to several months, before their personalized product is installed within the sports complex facility