Chaparral football rings

Dear Parents, Families, Friends and Sponsors:

The Chaparral Firebird Football Foundation (CFFF) Booster Club would like to take this opportunity to thank
you for your recent support of the Chaparral Firebird Football Program (CFFF). We recognize at times the
commitment associated with operating the CFFF program can become somewhat overwhelming. When you
consider the fund raising efforts associated with our off-season training programs, lift-a-thon/player
sponsorship, cookie dough sales, gold card sales, membership in the booster club, merchandise purchases,
our golf tournament and of course the school district fees. It seems the list goes on and on with no end in sight.
For that reason we wanted to pause, take a minute to communicate a few points and sincerely thank you for
being an essential part of CFFF.

As many of you know, we are fortunate to be a part of one of the most successful football programs, not only
in the State of Arizona, but in the entire country. There is no other high school football program in Arizona
that has a state of the art synthetic turf football field and customized field house (both of which rival many
smaller college football facilities). What many of you may not know is that it was through our fund raising
efforts over the last five (5) years that provided these facilities for our young men.

In 2007, the CFFF embarked upon an aggressive endeavor to privately raise over two-million dollars in order
build the synthetic turf football field and customized field house. It’s important to recognize that these
facilities were not provided by the school district but rather by the combined efforts of the CFFF, coaches,
parents, alumni and our own community. The combined efforts through fundraising and loans was successful
and in 2008 our teams began playing on the turf field and one year later the varsity squads and coaching staff
began using the field house. Five years hence and amid a tough economy, the CFFF board and our community
were able to reduce our total loan obligations for the turf field and field house to approximately $350,000.
Furthermore, we project that within a few short years of continued efforts that the CFFF will successfully
retire the balance of debt.

In addition, to the continuing service of our debt obligations, the CFFF continues to provide a private strength
and conditioning trainer (Ethan Banning) for ten months of the year for our players at every level. We provide
annual field maintenance, training supplies, championship field banners and last year saw the addition of the
Firebird Tunnel complete with smoke machine. Not forgetting the young men, last year we were able to
provide the varsity squad with two new sets of uniforms and helmets which enabled us to send the previous
year’s varsity uniforms to our junior varsity squad and their uniforms down to the freshman squad. Not to
stop there, but with booster club support and a few outside donations we’ve been able to procure a new set
of uniforms and helmets on order for 2012-13. This will give the coaches and players even more choices in
what uniforms to wear on game day as we believe we will have over twenty different potential uniform combinations.

Chaparral has a rich football tradition and I’m reminded that our current level of success did not come easy or
quickly. Rather it is the natural result of hard work and commitment, both on and off the field, in order to
achieve this level of success and we truly believe that our facilities are a big part of this achievement. Recently
our success reached new heights as the Firebirds won their third consecutive State Championship for the first
time in school history. We now credit six State Championships and twelve Region Championships to Chaparral
High School, and in the last four years our football program has seen many individual accomplishments as
more than forty (40) of our Firebird players have received scholarships to play college football.

Our success relies not only with the young men in our program, their coaches, but also upon the school
district, school administration, CFFF Boosters, our parent’s, our alumni, the local business community and the
friends and families associated with our football program. It is only through the combination of all that each
of you do for this football program, whether through volunteering, fund raising or sometimes just writing a
check that contributes to our ongoing success.

As we embark on the 2015 football season, we want wish our young men success and hope that they achieve
every goal they set for themselves on the football field, in the classroom and in life. We want to thank each of
you for helping us and the young men in the football program to achieve our goals, because without your
assistance none of it could be possible. We also hope that you get to experience our facilities and football
program by either attending a game this year or watching one of the four games scheduled to be televised on
Cox Sports Network and Fox Sports Network this upcoming season. You will be able to see what your
contributions have provided for these young men as they run out of the Firebird Tunnel through billowing
smoke in a different uniform each game.

There is no other place like Chaparral on a Friday Night and we have each of you to thank for that! We are
creating memories and relationships for our young men that will last a lifetime!

Once again, all this wouldn’t be possible without you so Thank You so very much.

Go Birds!
Brian Hein
Chaparral Firebird Football Foundation